School of Seven Bells

For a trio without a rhythm section, the ability to create such expansive landscapes of sound is a triumph in itself.  Yet when that sound starts pouring out of these three musicians, your ears will be met with layer upon delicious layer of Pop, Electronic melody that forms the intricate resonance of School of Seven Bells.

The genres commonly associated with this trio are Electronic and Shoegaze (named for the very literal tendency of the musicians to stare at their feet while bobbing to the rhythm).  Understandably, this classification can strike fear into the heart of any Top 40 fan, but the influence of synthesizers and Electronic music on Pop songs today is more prevalent than ever, so fear not!  Instead of merely being influenced by these elements School of Seven Bells immerse themselves in them creating a dreamy, melodic environment.

Born out of a fusion of ideas and the same touring schedule, School of Seven Bells consists of former Secret Machines guitarist Benjamin Curtis and the harmonies of twin sisters Claudia and Alejandra Deheza formerly of On!Air!Library!.  The songs are largely shaped by the lyrics that come first, then supplemented by music.  While their first album, Alpinisms echoes influences from World music the new album, Disconnect From Desire is more commercial without losing the essence of their dreamy origins.

Too atmospheric for your tastes or do you appreciate dreamier sounds?  Are there other bands or artists that you think walk the line of Experimental and Pop particularly well?

If you like: St. Vincent, Imogen Heap, Massive Attack
Check out:
School of Seven Bells (start with “Half Asleep” of Alpinisms, progress with “Babelonia” of Disconnect From Desire and graduate to all other tracks)
Feeling brave: Bat for Lashes, Bibio, Wild Beasts

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