Tame Impala

Pull on your bell-bottoms and lace up your platforms, we’re taking a psychedelic trip with Tame Impala.  With their debut full-length album, Innerspeaker, released in May of 2010, Kevin Parker, Dominic Simper and Jay Watson managed to re-vitalize the late 60s inspired psychedelic rock band without making you feel like you’ve stumbled into your Dad’s vinyl collection.

Formed in 2007, this Australian trio takes their cues from a wide range of influences.  From Cream to Massive Attack and The Doors to Beck, they have created a sound that is all at once familiar, but doesn’t feel tired.  Parker’s vocals sound eerily similar to Lennon as they lazily hang onto notes while the percussion and distorted guitar take control of the crisp hooks.  Lyrics seem to focus on escapism, questioning the relevance of daily routines and relationships without the air of angst or torment.

Within just a few years of being in the world of indie rock, this new band, with a coat of vintage, have opened for artists such as The Black Keys, MGMT, and Yeasayer.  While the trend of new bands leans toward the use of electronic elements, Tame Impala keeps it natural with guitars that swirl and echo as Parker’s far-away (far out?) vocals create dreamy melodies.

If you like: The Vines, The Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age,
Check out: Tame Impala
Feeling brave: Band of Skulls, Yeasayer, The Kinks, Eagles of Death Metal

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