LCD Soundsystem

He’s a little bit dancey (I declare this a real word) electronic, he’s a little bit rock and roll.  He knows how to write an infectious single and apparently knows when to quit while he is ahead.  If you’ve been waiting to check out James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem live, I’m sorry to say you may be too late.  However, Jay-Z and Cher have retired enough times to confuse their respective IRA’s so there may be hope.

With only 3 albums, LCD Soundsystem has been a seemingly unstoppable force of nature in the indie electronic world.  Since releasing their first few singles in 2005, every subsequent release from James Murphy has been critically acclaimed.   The music has repetitive electronic and dance elements that may trick you into thinking you’re at a techno rave, but then lyrics, melody and rock guitars invade the song and you have no idea where you are.

This union of rock and dance never feels forced here, which is the magic of James Murphy.  The songs are catchy and repetitive, but not obnoxious.  The drum kit and the drum machine are not rivals, the guitar and the synthesizer are not at odds.  Everyone plays nice.

James Murphy creates move-able, upbeat songs that feel hearty instead of saccharine.  Now, go figure out what that means by clicking play!

If you like: Massive Attack, The XX, Spoon, MGMT, Daft Punk, Moby, Devo, Talking Heads
Check out: LCD Soundsystem (start with Sound of Silver, continue with This is Happening and graduate to LCD Soundsystem)
Feeling brave: Hot Chip, Cut Copy, Royksopp, Justice

AI level: Advanced

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