The Antlers

A singer/songwriter that morphed into a trio, it seems that the music of The Antlers has evolved into a completely new genre over the course of just 4 releases.  Instead of checking the weather before dressing and walking out the door one morning, Peter Silberman decided to just leap out the window in whatever he felt like putting on.  Now, doesn’t that sound interesting.

What began as a solo project in 2006 with the release of Uprooted and subsequent album In The Attic of the Universe shifted at the release of Hospice in 2009.  In a similar move to that of Bon Iver, the album was released after a period of isolation for Peter Silberman.  It was a concept album about an emotionally abusive relationship reflected as the story of a Hospice worker and a terminally-ill patient.  The album touches on a broad range of themes including duty, morality, and a desperate grasp at hope.

With it’s unique blend of ambient and anthemic, Hospice hardly fit into the musical climate at the time of its release.  The same might be said for the latest release from The Antlers called Burst Apart.  The album isn’t drowning in synthesizers or bashing you over the head with Indie Pop shimmers, but instead chooses the subtle and clever approach to seducing your eardrums.  It is a little bit Poppy and a little bit crunchy, the album is darker than their last, but equally enticing.

If you like: The Arcade Fire, Walkmen, Air
Check out
: The Antlers (start with Burst Apart, continue with Hospice and graduate to the two remaining albums)
Feeling brave
: Sigur Ros, Neutral Milk Hotel, Cursive

AI level: Intermediate

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