Kings of Convenience

Time to mellow out.  Collapse into the easy chair, grab a fluffy pillow, set Kings of Convenience spinning on the stereo/iPod/turntable and melt into the easy groove of two Nordic voices accompanied by their acoustic guitars.

This alternative folk duo may seem like a figment of the musical world’s imagination seeing as how they release an album, disappear for a few years and then pop up to release another.  Their debut, Quiet is the New Loud was released in 2001 and might as well have been onomatopoeia with respect to the music on the album.  Sometimes categorized as whisper-folk, Kings of Convenience craft delicate melodies with their gently plucked and strummed guitars, soothing voices and the occasionally well-placed piano, string and horn.

In 2004 their follow up Riot on an Empty Street featured an appearance from Feist and a few more up-tempo offerings.  However, there also came an intimacy of the recording that sucks you into the world where only those two guitars seem to exist.  Microphones might as well be placed a centimeter from the guitars and mouths of the Kings, capturing every breath drawn and squeak between chords.  Stifling or comfortable?

Declaration of Dependence was released in 2009, but Kings of Convenience are emerging for a tour this year.  The easy sway of their music is sure to captivate as they make the rare public appearance performing for fans.

If you like: Simon & Garfunkel, Nick Drake
Check out: Kings of Convenience (start with Riot on an Empty Street, continue with Declaration of Dependence and graduate to Quiet is the New Loud)
Feeling brave: Belle & Sebastian, José González, Junip

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