Grab a rose and tuck it in your hair, or between your teeth, it is time to tango.  This however, is no Dancing with the Stars tango; this is pure indie goodness for your ears.  Who knew that a quartet out of Denver could blend world music sounds with the folk, rock, and punk that remain so deeply rooted in the American sound palate.

DeVotchKa is without a doubt bringing back music worth dancing to, whether it is a fiery tango or a slow sway for lovers.  The talents of Nick Urata anchor the band with his passionate vocals and multi-instrumentalist talents (he plays theremin, guitar, bouzouki, piano and trumpet).  The group is further comprised of Tom Hagerman who plays violin, accordion and piano; Jeanie Schroder on backing vocals who plays sousaphone (that’s a kind of tuba, kids) and double bass; and Shawn King who plays percussion and trumpet.  This combination of unique instruments creates a sound that fuses Mariachi, Bolero, Slavic and Romani with punk and folk that is more familiar to indie and pop.

Chances are that you’ve already been seduced by this unexpected flavor combination.  If you saw the film Little Miss Sunshine, you heard a soundtrack that was dripping with DeVotchKa flair.  Before being plucked from obscurity, this band was the backing entertainment for burlesque shows and even went on tour with Dita von Teese.  While this is quite the shift in audience, DeVotchKa does not fail to deliver.  Their new album 100 Lovers deserves to be a colorful addition to your music library.

If you like: Tom Baxter, Calexico, Jose Gonzalez, M. Ward
Check out
: DeVotchKa (start with the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack, continue with 100 Lovers and graduate to the Curse Your Little Heart EP)
Feeling brave:
Rodrigo y Gabriela, Mariachi el Bronx, Gogol Bordello

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