Dirty Projectors

Prepare to be taken out of your comfort zone and dumped into a world of experimental rock.  It will be strange and foreign place that mixes dissonant sounds with layers upon layers of harmonies and guitars that splash across your face like a blast of cool air.  However, an open mind with a bit of imagination will help you see the beauty of your surroundings as you tumble down the rabbit hole.

Embracing the strange world created by David Longstreth may mean confusion as to where exactly the Dirty Projectors belong in your music library.  They are the band that is strangely palatable despite the fact that songs will be tough for sing-alongs and you will probably being unable to latch onto a melody for longer than a few seconds.  The only mood the music seems to fit is possibility, but as moods go it is one of the best, no?

Other band members include the powerful yet unconventional vocals of Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian and Haley Dekle along with Brian McOmber on drums and Nat Baldwin on bass.  The song arrangements are unusual, seemly having attention deficit disorder and the combination of lo-fi and hi-fi production serves to complement elaborate lyrical imagery.

If bands and singers are to be called artists, then the music of the Dirty Projectors is certainly post-modern.  The trick is being able to hear the beauty within the dense layers of abstract musical ideas.


If you like: Grizzly Bear, St. Vincent, TV on the Radio, Department of Eagles
Check out
: Dirty Projectors (start with Bitte Orca, continue with Rise Above and graduate to the rest of the catalog)
Feeling brave
: Wild Beasts, Yeasayer, Animal Collective, Beirut, Deerhunter, Atlas Sound

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2 thoughts on “Dirty Projectors

  1. Anonymous

    i think the DP are actually more modernist than many a band out there at this very moment. if holistically bound complexity and play with convention aren’t ‘modernist’, than what the hell is?

  2. Kasey Post author

    I like that you used the word “modernist” to describe the Dirty Projectors. I would agree and even suggest that they may be on the post-mod side of things. Either way, completely original, which is fantastic.

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